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meet your farmer

Anna has been dreaming of her own flower farm since her first job at a small cut-flower operation in Vermont in 2012. Strawflower Farm is the realization of that dream. Since that first farming job, she has honed her farming skills in Nantucket, Virginia and Maine, where she managed a vegetable CSA for New American Farmers.


Anna has always believed in the therapeutic benefits of surrounding oneself with plants; flowers, veggies, fruits, she loves it all. She loves to play with flower combinations, both fresh and dried, and she is thrilled to be bringing the beauty and many benefits of plants to her community.


about the farm

When Anna first laid eyes on her future flower field in the fall of 2021, it was a mown lawn. Anna has been utilizing various ecologically-minded techniques, working to improve the soil quality and build back the nutrients required for thriving flowers- and the transformation has been so much fun. Strawflower Farm is a no-till, chemical-free operation, based in Cumberland, ME.

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